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diagnosticmad [userpic]

Roleplaying Pathfinder afternoon...and Answers.

January 5th, 2013 (07:50 pm)

It was interesting observing the table banter at the Wandering Dragon this past afternoon. I had a wonderful chance to see how the Pathfinder RP can run and also I believe Mike and I have been enlisted along the way for the fight.

Everyday I don't write creatively I feel like I am cheating myself of a wonderful opportunity. I can't get it right...then again I have so many other things to worry about I just start to wonder if they really are worth worrying about in the long run. There is still too much that I need to get done in my life overall and I am letting always the little details get in the way. I can't live this way much longer.

I wonder if I will ever change and be able to forgive and forget truly. That's part of the problem. Isn't it? Or maybe now I am just beginning to understand how I have been hurt by everyone in my past.

I can't emphasize this enough for all those who seek answers to their problems.

Don't wait for an answer. Look for it and keep it close in spirit and if you are lucky trust will be built and it will come in your sleep at night when you don't expect it.

The answers will come when you are ready to hear them in your head in between a dream and a soft place.

They are not found inscribed upon tablets found in ancient places or in old books written by long dead men with uneasy histories and self-deprecating souls.

No, answers are found in between the mists of time and the blink of an eye. Fight for you answers...but don't force them, because like people they are not to be captured forcefully. They are not willful supplicants or children lead through the fields of sheep and barn yard novelties.

They are made of wind storms, light palaces, star fields and precious warm rained upon cities.

Occasionally, it is the number 42 and even then I think you might find when you have all the answers, the real ones elude you like
the steam of the Earth in Spring and may at an instant appear like a stone temple in your mind.

But age has a way of making you forget things all the time, so more important than finding answers.


They are more precious than anything you might ever own and slip away in the middle of the night during the witching hour.

I can't remember what felt well found this morning as I woke up.

I hope to remember something significant soon. I really do.