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diagnosticmad [userpic]

Not really much to say or think...

January 2nd, 2013 (07:54 pm)

Just bits and pieces of thoughts...the same old money worries, the same old concerns...reconsidering whether or not medication is a good thing in my life. I don't seem to function well on medication and all I want to do is sleep, which my health will not handle that anymore.

I desperately need to stay active.

I keep thinking about Batman Begins and how his father saved him from the well and the whole, "Why do we fall?"

To get up again...

I am ready for the get up phase again. But the depression the last few days has been awful. I don't want to go on medication again...it is even more horrendous.

The exercise regiment really helped a lot. I'm going swimming tomorrow. If not tomorrow, Friday, or doing something physical.

I do wish the health insurance was there for me to fall back on during this time, but well, it isn't there so oh well!

Talk soon,