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diagnosticmad [userpic]

Coming back into regular journaling and not making it all hardcore...

So it being a new year and all and me remembering I had this old House MD themed journal...I thought to myself after a unfulfilled night of tossing and turning, and making every attempt to sleep, read an encyclopedia on Astronomy for two hours, engaged in an attempted self-hypnotic creativity meditation session that lead to a conversation with a grey alien (he was nice and all but he just wanted to have sex with me or take my unborn child, something Rumplestilskin from the stars, though he did try to calm me down. I was reminded of all that Pepsi Max I drank for New Year's revelry and gigantic pizza pie consumption. The cost was way too much. I am probably going to be short on money this week knowing my poor financial habits over the holidays.)

Once the paranoia and fear sets in there is nothing you can do and I can get up early this morning and start my new Year with the idea of sharing new interests, even if everyone else is already doing it. Things are popular not just because they are likable but they have universal appeal in some significant manner. It sucks to type now extensively with my left hand now that my carpal tunnel has been released.

Brief resolutions (not a big deal ones, small changes but significant ones)

Resolution and Shiny Pictures...Collapse )

1. Talk to my doctor about high blood pressure medication being a VERY BAD THING. I had changed my regiment this past year with more regular exercise. The minute I went on the medicine all I wanted to do was sleep. Though this might be attributed to my depression, I am starting to think medication always ends up a double-edged sword. ( I wasn't sure if double edged required a hyphen or not and though I should look it up. I won't. I like the idea of this little freedom in my language just as most people like pronouncing things incorrectly. My belief is the evolution of language over time depends on colloquialisms for the sake of cultural relevance. Though we insist on our rules and structures, not a bad thing, but an annoying thing at five thirty eight am on a cold Chicago suburban morning)
Scratch that, don't talk to my doctor! INSTEAD, try number 2 and see below.

2. Though unemployed, create a realistic schedule that doesn't create health problems for you. Sleep and eat at a proper time and stick with it. You will get more done and be more productive in meeting your personal goals on a schedule.

3. Avoid excessive salt and sugar in your diet and create a daily produce shopping trip per day, budgeting a realistic amount of money on this excursion. Fresh bread made daily is also a goal for this trip.

4. Eat more fish, it is yummy and doesn't make your gut feel lead loaded.

5. Write a journal entry everyday and work on a piece of work everyday for at least an hour to a half hour.

6. Keep my swimming up. That was a resolution I made last year that I actually stuck with and I am happy about it. So yes, you can change, just give yourself time and be patient!

These shouldn't be too hard...oh, I almost forgot!

7. (the heavenly resolution and best one yet!) SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THE THINGS YOU LOVE AND SAVOR THEM! So to start this whole chain of loveliness I am going to throw up some images of things that I have been enjoying the past few years while I was on sabbatical from livejournal.

The Big Bang Theory

There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said. It is fun, very intelligent, always illuminating on human vulnerabilities
for those lost and hurt for being different and odd. I relate to it, it is humorous and yes, I think Penny and Sheldon still make a wonderful odd couple worthy of chapters and epics of fan fiction. If I had the time to compose some I would, but I really want to finish my own work. So that being said, I might take time to write TBBT fan fic, we will see if fates allow for such.

The Vampire Diaries

Okay this is my guilty pleasure drama, it has the feel of Anne Rice vampire goodness, and the teen angst better than what you find in Twilight. Yes, I am totally in love with Damen. He is a great actor, who makes an incredibly attractive and interesting vampire, I feel we need more of in fantasy roles. I don't love Twilight, which probably makes me a rarity since I am a bit in between about it, I am probably in .000000001% of the population on this matter, frankly I don't think it is all bad, but not all good either. When several of Stephanie Meyers books were sold at a superstore I worked at once, I found set up rodent snap traps on them. Luckily I disarmed them before anyone was severely injured. I think the Twilight stories are so hated and loved means she created something worth looking at but I would have to say Vampire Diaries does it a bit better in certain respects to my personal taste. Though writers in general for a while that I met in my travails of the budding writer at my city college were writing this type of teen fantasy fiction for a while now. It just wasn't particularly loved or related to I think by most since it is highly romantic, but tastes change with the times.

Damien Elena Kiss Me in the Rain


If you have not seen this series yet and you have any love for the Sherlock Holmes paradigm, you are in for a treat. I stumbled across this series on Netflix since I don't watch live PBS as much as I would like these days since I like streaming so much. It was really a modern take on Sherlock with a new devilish humor and I devoured all of it within hours of watching it (It helps I am a DR WHO fan of course. Steven Moffat wrote and created most of this show and he is one of my favorite writers on Who right next to Russell Davies. Not to mention he did the Jekyll series BBC did a few years back. Sequel already written I hear on big J, I can't wait to see it come back.)

I have loved Martin Freeman ( the sandy hair colored Watson below) since Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and his very brief foray into Sean of the Dead. (Yes, you have to really watch to spot him in Sean of the Dead. I won't give it away, watch the movie again.) Benedict Cumberbatch ( the curly haired genius Sherlock below) is my new bitch. If I were a gay man I would stalk him until I met him at a party and could seduce him for a one night stand. He IS HOT. HOTTER THAN HOT, intelligent, British and adorable, the culmination of all my sophisticated period piece BBC dreams and he is going to be in the new Star Trek movie!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The minute I watched him in one thing, I had to watch him in the next thing. For a special period pleasure, check out Edges of the Earth with Benedict. Incidentally Martin Freeman was wonderful in The Hobbit film as young Bilbo and Benedict also does some voice talent throughout it as the wraith apparition. I also hear Benedict is playing the voice of Smaug and this one can not wait to hear his dulcet tones emanating from the fire dragon of old.

Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch Martin Freeman

James Nesbitt as Jekyll and in The Hobbit

It is so hard to say anything about James Nesbitt that probably has already been said. Wildly sexy, incredibly talented, human and poignant, I discovered him in Jekyll and still can not wait for the series to start up again. I was insanely happy to see him in Hobbit as Bofur and I am sure he was in Dr Who before and I just didn't realize it. Like Clive Owen and Hugh Laurie before him, they are in my retinue of British actors to Love for Life, Stephen Fry and Benedict Cumberbatch as well as Martin Freeman and Simon Pegg, don't you worry! You all fit in there somewhere!

Jekyll tryptic



I love doing it for my body and my well-being and it is the best way to strengthen my overall body despite the awful shape it is in without damaging my knees or lower extremities in any manner. I have lost some weight because of doing it and I plan on going throttle on it this week.


I spend hours and hours doing research on the Grays on youtube and supposed paranormal sightings of all types of creatures. I don't know why the idea of them frightens me so much but it does and the idea of alien abduction scares the living crap out of me. It is probably all bullshit, but some nightmares are just too scary. This is one I can't get out of my head and yet I am strangely drawn to like the night sky. I hope all of it is bullshit, let me tell you that wholeheartedly because these aliens below scare the hell out of me.
I dreamed one night they baked me in a pie and my soul left my body and they were cutting the pie apart with my baked body inside of it.



Who doesn't love Ebay? It is a great way for extra funds when you are unemployed and have too much junk like I do.

Otherwise, Happy New Year to all, this post ran way long. Now how will I even have time to create today anything worthwhile?
Oh well, resolutions are easily made and broken it seems!

Gina aka diagnosticmad

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